BremboCE Logo

BremboCE is a chess engine for Windows programmed by Gianluca Cisana.
To play against BremboCE you need a graphical user interface like Winboard or Arena.
BremboCE is freeware for non commercial use.
Brembo is the name of an Italian river situated where I live.

Features of BremboCE 0.6.2

  • Written in Java!!!
  • Array board coding
  • Negamax search with capture and promotion quiescence
  • Simple internal opening book
  • Recognize: 3 moves repetition, 50 moves rule, draw for insufficient material to mate
  • Winboard protocol 2 compatible
  • Can load fen positions
Download BremboCE 0.6.2


Version 0.6.2 - 03 Oct 2009

- Fixed a bug in time management that often was causing the engine to forfeit on time
- Changed pawn evaluation on the final of the game

Version 0.6.1 - 25 Aug 2009

- Fixed a bug in time management
- Fixed a bug in the assignment of bonus for exchanging pieces when the engine is in adavantage
- Changed the bonus to avoid bad trades

Version 0.6 - 21 Aug 2009

- Rewritten in Java from version 0.4 that was written in C
- Removed null move, hash tables and the external opening book
- Fixed a bug in evaluating checkmate positions
- Fixed a bug in evaluating king position in the end game
- Fixed a bug with the level command from winboard
- Added a simple internal opening book just to diversify the games
- Added the recognition of draws for insufficient material to mate

Version 0.4 - 12 Aug 2002

- Null move
- Fixed a random move bug
- Fixed a bug in loading FEN

Download BremboCE 0.4

Version 0.3.1 - 26 Jun 2002

- Added a simple opening book
- Divided evaluation function in opening, middle game and ending
- Now when BremboCE is in advantage exchange pieces
- Improved castle evaluation

Version 0.3 - 15 May 2002

- Rewritten 3/4 of the code, now BremboCE is three time faster as node examined per second
- Added pawn hash table
- Fixed a bug that crash BremboCE in long time games

Version 0.2.1 - 13 March 2002

- Now can receive FEN positions from Winboard
- Fixed a castle bug
- Now BremboCE start quickly when Winboard load it
- It's faster than before to make moves when a mate is found

Version 0.2 - 7 March 2002

- Added 8M bytes Hash table (thanks to Carmelo Calzerano)
- New time management
- New iterative deeping function
- Improved find king check function
- Avoid bad trade (thanks to Claudio Della Corte)
- Forced fast piece development
- Added simple king safe function

Version 0.1 - 17 February 2002

- First official release of BremboCE
- I've studied Tom Kerrigan's TSCP chess engine source code to learn how to program a chess engine
- Written in C